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Springo RentalsSpringo Water provides the perfect, environmental friendly solution to keep guests at your next event hydrated and happy! We want to reduce your environmental footprint,  as well as reduce your clean-up time. Most of all we add value to your event by providing patrons with FREE water!

Our System

Springo Water units are available for rent in Northern & Southern California as well as Nebraska. Click Here to Find a System near you!

  • The Springo Water System is an eight station water trailer with fountains and spigots.
  • The unit can supply endless amounts of water when hooked to a municipal water supply or for remote locations, the on board stainless steel tank can be filled and water can be distributed that way.
  • This unit has a three stage filtration unit. This unit is also accessible for small children and people with disabilities.
  • This unit is also equipped with a cooling system.
  • Each Springo unit is setup by a trained employee, which means that each unit is kept clean and always running properly.


  • Reduce your events environmental footprint
  • Reduce clean-up after event
  • Add value for your patrons by providing free water
  • Clean, safe units setup by us
  • Let your guests spend their money in other areas of your event

The number of benefits for renting a Springo Water System are too numerous to count, contact us to find out more.


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