Springo FAQs

Clean. Safe. Mobile.

Springo FAQs

Springo Water is a mobile water station designed to meet personal hydration needs at events. Multiple on-board fountains and spigots provide easy access to cool, fresh potable water in any environment; from concerts and civic activities, to relief from natural events in remote locations.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Below for further information. Not seeing your answer below?? Don’t worry! Contact us and we would love to tell you all about our mission!

Does the Springo Water Unit have filtration?

All Springo units have a 3 stage filtration systems built in.

How clean are your units?

All Springo units are cleaned inside and out before each event and cleaned during the event as well.

What areas does Springo Water serve?

Springo Water System Rentals are available anywhere in Northern or Southern California, as well as the Midwest US. We hope to expand to other areas soon, email us to check if we are available in your area!

Click Here for Maps of our Service Locations!

What does a Springo rental cost?

Rental cost depends on factors such as location, number of patrons, event duration/date, and any other details that effect us providing service. Be sure to contact us for a rental quote!

What water supply does the Springo unit use?

Springo only uses a municipally approved water sources. Connections include fire hydrants, garden hoses, etc.

Who sets up the Springo System for our event?

Each Springo unit is setup by a trained employee, which means that each unit is kept clean and always running properly.